How our chapter came to be:

houseIn the fall semester of 1990, a Kappa Sigma brother by the name of Ronald Alexander Cook came from Eastern New Mexico State, Theta-Zeta chapter, to further his education at California State University of Sacramento. While he was at Sacramento State he found everything he wanted, except brotherhood. Then one day while walking to class, Ron found a couple of Kappa Sigma brothers by the names of Dave Sanabria, from Linfield College in McMinnville OR (Mu-Epsilon chapter) and Wayne Sutton fromĀ  California State University at Long Beach (Theta-Beta.) The three men pondered the idea of starting up and becoming a powerfulchapter called Nu-Lambda. Mr. Cook and his brothers had a dream to start their own chapter and unite mere friends into an inseparable brotherhood. Brothers Wayne Sutton, and Dave Sanabria responded to Mr. Cook’s dream and started that dream into reality.

The first task that the trio had to face was to gather a group of followers. This group of follower’s would be called the founding fathers. They founding fathers knew nothing about Kappa Sigma or fraternity life in general. Ron Cook and his brothers conveyed to these individuals their love and devotion to the order. After becoming recognized by the Inter-fraternity Council the colony had to perform various functions. These functions included; fund-raisers, philanthropies, and becoming active in all aspects of campus life. Other events include athletics, academic clubs, as well as interacting with the other Greek organizations on campus and being active in the communities surrounding the campus. The reason that the members became involved in activities both on and off campus was so that they could develop a sense of unity within the community. They also became actively involved with Kappa Sigma’s from Davis and California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo (Nu-Alpha.) The trio spent many hours painstakingly formulating a fraternity from merely a vision.

First they had to come up with a long list of reasons why they should be allowed to be a Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and then why Sacramento State should allow them to reside on its campus. There purpose had to be that of a selfless plight. They all had to understand that a fraternity is established for more than drinking and women. The bonds that brothers share is one of giving, appreciating, understanding, and surviving.

A colony was formed in Jim Cardoza’s garage which holds special meaning, for it was there that Nu-Lambda had its beginnings. After you go back and forth between nationals and the I.F.C. receiving first your colony approved to be on campus by the I.F.C. and then permission to be a colony by nations your work as only started to begin. Nationals then gives you a list of responsibilities to overcome and organize, such as the committee system, fund raisers, social events…etc. For example, Ron Cook had to give a speech in front of each of the fraternities meetings telling them a little something about Kappa Sigma and why we want to be on campus.

Then the I.F.C. takes a vote deciding whether or not we should be allowed on campus. This is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, we were denied the first time to be on campus, which made us step it up another notch. Getting the whole Greek system to agree on something is definitely a task we are proud to say we accomplished.

Finally after I.F.C. granted us permission to be on campus, we set forth to nationals once again. Ron Cook recalls when he went to nationals and remembers watching a group of guys making a presentation in front of the S.E.C. and describes the details exactly as he watched the gavel slam down the infamous words “REQUEST DENIED!” boom out over the large room. The group of guys walked slowly out of view. Mr. Cook said, “Not us, we won’t be denied – we are ready!”

Filled with passion he gave all he could and presented a four inch thick notebook filled with our bi-laws, committee systems, philanthropies, fund raisers and social plans, which on paper looked flawless. The S.E.C. then mailed the results, and all that could be done is to wait and see. That day eventually came and the envelope was in hand, all the founding fathers, the Alpha class and Mr. Cook, Sutton, and Sanabria were present. The verdict was then read.

At first reading Edward Greche read “not” every time it was supposed to say “yes”, which gave the impression we did not receive our charter. The men were shocked and disappointment filled the air, some started to cry, and others were very upset and still others were simply dumbfounded. Everyone thought our request to have a chapter was denied. Then Mr. Greche yells out “JUST KIDDING!” Our request was granted! All the guys were frantic with happiness, to think all that hard work and endless nights of writing paid off, we were about to become brothers. On December 8, 1991 the Kappa Sigma Fraternity of Nu-Lambda was founded at C.S.U.S. ( Chapter #260, district 41.) The founding fathers were initiated and then the founding of Alpha class.